…saves Time. MwaHA!

So last week I presented the challenge to you, our readers, to come up with a name for our enigmatic, carelessly spontaneous time traveler. You all met the challenge with the appropriate amount of gusto, but sadly, there can only be one (the Highlander reference will make sense later).

The winner of the contest is Jeff Wessel, who suggested the name Vikram Oswald Quine. An odd name, I know. But I felt it fit the best as it borrowed from several nationalities and ethnicities, to add ambiguity to the character’s background. Which when I first drew him, was a major goal of the character design. I wanted him to be somewhat normal looking, but still somewhat out of place. Apparently that means making him a weird combination of Rick Deckard and Duncan McLeod (see?) Though I did have the Highlander in mind when I created the character, the Blade Runner connection didn’t occur to me until later. Though it isn’t that surprising, as it is easily one of the greatest movies ever made, and never strays too far from my mind. As for the origins of his name, here’s Jeff himself:

Vikram Sarabhai was an Indian physicist and founder of the Indian Space Program. Vikram is also Hindi for Valorous. Oswald is Teutonic, meaning “of God-Like power” Quine for Willard Van Orman Quine, a philosopher and logician who studies paradoxes among other things.

So congratulations Jeff, you will receive your Angry Wizard shirt post-haste.

As for the rest of you, Thank You! Your suggestions were not in vain. While I was telling them to Nadir I was cracking jokes on the side and we decided it might be fun to draw what we think “Cousin Wong” or “Desmond Jack Sawyer” (Clearly the amalgamation of Lost Hotness) would look like.

So don’t be surprised if you see one of your suggestions pop up as another character or as a doodle thrown into a post. Though do let me know ASAP if you want to keep your suggested name for your own usage. PEACE.


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avatar-maki-rightWoah Woah WOAH. I almost forgot. There is a comic at hand! Back when Nadir was doing his Reductio ad Absurdum series, I thought up this comic, but saved it as I didn’t want to interrupt the roll he was on. What you see here is our hero (?) demonstrating Zeno’s Paradox as he attempts to pursue a fleeing Zeno on horseback.Granted, the comic is about as fantastical as the Paradox itself. We know in reality, V.O. Quine would have summarily trampled Zeno underhoof. For what end? Who knows. The man’s motives are myserious, and his temperament surly.

At this time, I also began thinking of Zeno’s Arrow. See, Zeno pointed out that if you stop a flying arrow in time, what you get is the arrow paused in midflight. He then surmised that motion is merely a series of rests. This is the granular notion of time Nadir talked about. I personally don’t believe that the perception of time is an illusion, per se, I do believe that it is our perception of changing matter/energy states.

At any given moment, there are countless reactions happening from the quantum to molecular levels as energy changes hands and becomes matter and matter to energy, etc. The arrow flying through the air is a macroscopic effect of a cascade of microscopic and quantum reactions.  Where there is motion, there is time. But we’re still left with the notion of stopping this arrow in time. In this case, if we are to stop the arrow, we must rid it of its motion, and to do that we must first bereave it of all mechanical and chemical reactions down to the quantum level.

First I thought this would be possible by bringing it to absolute zero, but literally 4 seconds of internet research shut that down. Even at absolute zero, the point of minimum entropy and the removal of thermal energy, matter still retains its zero-point energy. In order to effectively stop time, one would have to remove all energy from a system. Currently, this is impossible by any means. Bose-Einstein Condensates have demonstrated that even at the lowest temperatures, quantum mechanics still rears its ugly head in the form of wave functions and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

We can only throw up our hands as unpredictable quantum fluctuations thwart our every effort to rid a system of energy. Sadly, that’s where we stand. Zeno could envision his arrow stopped in a moment, frozen in time.

But physical laws beyond our ability to predict keep it there in the realm of thought experiments and fanciful daydreams.