This may be an inherently American problem, but I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about here. I’m sure there’s some German word for the distinct feeling of betrayal felt when you are handed a piece of real licorice as a child, only to discover that you had been lied to by a major candy company.

To be fair, if there was perhaps a bygone era when Twizzlers were cherry-flavored licorice candies, it exists no longer, and the wrapper no longer even bears the word “licorice” on them. So perhaps this is a problem of oral tradition rather than wrote brand identity. I think I just inadvertently made this post about the Bible.

I allowed myself a decompression weekend, as I had been working pretty hard on Friday night’s Oliver Sacks event. For those that missed it, there will be a replay available soon. In the meantime, keep the phosphene stories coming. It’s great to see so many people connecting on an induced visual hallucination.