Today’s comic is brought to you by WTF Evolution? which featured the oddly named Sarcastic Fringehead yesterday.


The fringe I can understand, but sarcastic? I needed to look that up. Apparently the Fringehead’s fiercely territorial nature earned it its the unconventional monicker, though more than a few sources point to the etymology of the word sarcastic—meaning “to tear flesh, bite the lip in rage, sneer”. Both seem apt enough to me.

Honestly, I would have named it the Surprise Hellmouth, for it’s crazy dislocating jaw. It looks like the Reapers from Blade 2 have a relative under the sea.

Surprise Hellmouth

Surprise! You’ve pooped your pants!

The crazy mouth is mostly for display, wherein two Fringeheads will go head to head (mouth to mouth) in order to discern the bigger contender. The smaller of the two then flees, defeated.


Hat Tip to WTF Evolution. Photo from JWZ


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