Thought I’d mix things up a bit in the narrative, today. A quick aside like this also serves to clear up some misconceptions introduced in earlier comics, as well as give some much needed ancillary information about the setting. We also meet a terrifying new character, the catlike Pristerognathus, whose fossils straddled the late Permian and Early Triassic periods. While researching potential dangers for our hero, I was inspired by this artist rendition of the creature, which gave it just the right amount of reptillian coldness mixed with feline mannerisms. Brilliant stuff.

Just one day left on my Kickstarter. If you were holding out or on the fence about getting a Pineapple Maki Plush or awesome backer pin, this is your last chance! I want to thank everyone for the enormous outpouring of generosity and support during what is no doubt the most unbelieveable chapter of my life.

On somewhat more somber news, the title of this post serves a double meaning. Starting today I’ll be shifting Sci-ence to a once-a-week schedule. I was hoping this would coincide with the comic’s oft-talked-about move to a new home, but things have been delayed on that end. This will allow me to slip into a schedule of doing 3 comics a week (the prospect frightens me, I assure you) and give me time to work on Kickstarter reward fulfillment and building the new site where Sufficiently Remarkable will live.

With Sci-ence running once a week, my hope is that I’ll be able to spend more time on each comic researching and rendering. I’d love to be able to present a contained narrative each week. That said, there’s no stopping me from posting extra stuff on the side. I already have a short comic planned for Friday.