So remember a long time ago when I mentioned that big things were going to happen with the site? Well, they finally did.

Today is my first day as a blogger on Popular Science’s brand new blog network, and I’m terrified. Sadly, this means that today is my last day as a blogger here at From here until the foreseeable future, this site will be no more than an archive. An ode to nearly 3 years of independent science blogging and comic nonsense. All that said, I am very excited to join the crew over at PopSci—many of them friends and acquaintances of mine. I’m also extremely thankful to the editorial staff for allowing this loose cannon, pitchur drawin’, irreverent son of a gun to join their team.

Without further ado, a FAQ.

When did this happen?
Last year around this time, I was approached by PopSci’s projects editor, Dave Mosher, about joining their upcoming blog network. I very enthusiastically accepted.

Was it because of Strip Search?
No, this was way before Strip Search, which is awesome. Though it gives you a sense of how long this has been in the works.

I don’t know how attached you all are to “Sci-ənce”, but I was done with it a long time ago. When I first launched the site, I loved it. It was weird. I still get a kick out of telling people about it:

“I draw a comic about science.”
“What’s it called?”

Unfortunately, what would happen more often is this:

“Oh you’re that guy who draws that comic, ‘Sci’ (immeasurable pause) ‘ence’, right?”
“It’s just ‘science’…”

It was an SEO nightmare, it didn’t pass the radio test, and I got tired of copy/pasting schwas for promotional material. As soon as the details were set with PopSci, I knew I was renaming the comic. I chose boxplot because it’s a scientific/statistical form of data visualization—which is what I do. I visualize science. On a more literal level, what are comics if not boxed plots, right? Brilliant.

Who else is there?
You may recognize quite a few names on the list of contributors.


So what now?
Now I keep drawing comics like I was doing before. Nothing changes there. I hope that my game will be stepped up, but in the end, it’s just sci-ənce with a new name.


So go on. Click this link right here. And behold the future…